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Biological age is 17, Veterian age is 100


Earth I

Veteris Gift:

Able to produce an extremely hot, black fire, capable of melting metal and rumored to burn the very essence that is life. Now immortal, she has acquired some proficiency in telepathy, telekinesis, healing and a variety of other less developed powers.

Veteris Curse:

Unable to control emotions to the point of insanity


The Queen, otherwise known as Leslie, was born on Earth in 1933. She left Earth for Veteris in 1950. She was a troubled child, accused of setting multiple fires, born to a wealthy family that covered up her crimes. A beautiful, charming girl, she was very popular and too ambitious for a time when women were not expect to do anything more than be a housewife. Fleeing to Veteris was her escape from a mediocre life on Earth.

“Destroy their portals, now, and bring me a shard from each Portal Stone,” the Queen had said to several dozen nervous beings, many of whom were Laram’s friends. “You are charged with treason against the crown.” This declaration was met by silence in the court. There was rarely any dissent when the Queen spoke anymore.

“If you destroy our portal, we will be stranded and will die a horrible death,” cried a delegate from the planet Thanal, one of the oldest and most respected delegations on Veteris.

“You assume you will walk out of my Throne Room alive?” The Queen had asked with a smile that did not touch her eyes. “I am feeling merciful today. Guards, take them down to the dungeon where they can live out their days until Veteris claims them.”

“Please, my Queen. I will not come of age for another 20 Veterian Years. Please, Show us mercy!,” cried the Thanalian. The Queen rose at his words and the court collectively held its breath.

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