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Steven Charles was born in NYC and lived there until the age of 10 when he moved to a small town in Westchester, NY named Port Chester. He lived there with his mom, grandmother and sister, Christina. He attended an all-boys Catholic high school named Stepinac which led him to College in Purchase, NY where he studied music, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Management.


He had his first child, Caleb who is also an aspiring writer, at the age of 23. This newfound responsibility shifted his focus from becoming a Rock Star (an unlikely aspiration, but you have to dream big) and he went back to school to study computer programming. He moved around a bit at this time going from Port Chester, NY to Somers, NY to Honolulu, HI, back to Somers before finally settling in Norwalk, CT. 

Always looking to be creative, he spent years playing music in original and cover bands while holding down a day job as a programmer. After moving to Hawaii, he shifted his focus in his free time to triathlon. He continued this love affair with exercise when he moved back to CT three years later where he competed as an age group athlete for over 10 years when he met the love of his life and future wife, Daniela.


He continued to run, but backed off on the grueling exercise schedule triathlon demanded when the triplets, Ayla, Kaylee and Joshua were born, joining Derek, who was born three years prior. The growing family packed up, leaving CT to move to Palm Bay, Florida when the triplets were only three months old to escape the cold and to take advantage of the lower cost of living. The already large family soon added three cats, fish and the final member of the family, Squeaky, a feisty Maltese.

Once again looking for a creative outlet, he turned his focus to writing. He had long written poetry, even reciting a Sonnet to ask his wife to marry him on a beach in Brazil on New Year's Eve, but his experience with prose had been limited save a couple of failed short story attempts while in college. He had stories to tell but lacked the confidence to tell them. After gathering the courage to submit an original short story into a contest held by the Space Coast Writers Guild (SCWG) he was notified that his story had been picked as one of the winners. He ended up winning 2nd place, but more importantly, he gained the confidence to keep going.

Now, living in their forever home in Melbourne, FL, on the verge of releasing his first book, he continues to work on his craft while juggling a full time job, four growing children and a menagerie of pets. He is trying his best to stay healthy and happy as he shares his love for music, literature and the arts with his family and soon, the world.

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