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Leah the Rat





Human (partially transformed into Rattus)

Biological age is 17, Veterian age is 100


Earth I

Veteris Gift:

Ability to create portals to anywhere on the planet. Advanced ability, though untrained, enables her to create portals to other planets, similar to the portal stones.

Veteris Curse:

Extreme lack of confidence that limits her ability to use her gift and invites scorn and attacks from stronger beings.


Leah, known as Leah the Rat on Veteris, was born on Earth in 1933. She was an army brat who travelled the world, living in dozens of countries. Although quite beautiful, years of neglect by her officer father and no mother in her life gave her low self esteem. Dated Harry and got tangled up with the Hallewell family and unwittingly travelled to Veteris not knowing what she was getting into.

“I’m sorry, Jorathhhh. You’re right. The Queen…she is using her pet sculptor to transform me into a rat. I have rat teethhhh, legs, a tail. I am now more rat than human and soon I will simply be a rat. Leah will be no more.” Jorath stopped crying. She could hear him shuffling around. He was probably disgusted by her, but at least her misery stopped his infernal crying. 

“They are animals, all of them,” he growled into the hole, startling her. “Your planet must be a horrible place to create beings like them.’”

“The funny thhhing is, thhhey are not even thhhe worst humans on Earth. Veteris got lucky,” Leah responded. Maybe it was Veteris that brought the worst out in people, or maybe it attracted them in the first place. When she thought about it, while the others at court didn’t take part in her torture and humiliation, they didn’t do anything about it either. They were as bad as the Queen in Leah’s opinion.

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