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Arantha Major




Veteris Gift:

Arantha II

Ability to camouflage himself and other willing subjects for a short period of time

Veteris Curse:

Only able to write with one hand (all Aranthans are ambidextrous and able to write with two writing implements at a time per hand, due to their two opposable thumbs)


Laram is Aranthan royalty, heir to the throne of Aranthania and descendent of the Kings of Harvantha. As the heir, Laram did not have to visit Veteris, but he chose to do so to cement his status as a preeminent historian, a status on par with royalty on Arantha. As second in line behind his brother, he would most likely never become leader, so Laram wanted to gain status on his own merits and spending most of his childhood on Veteris, especially as the special delegate to the Throne of Veteris, would elevate him to the highest levels of Aranthan society.

“You have so much to learn,” Laram said when he returned, sitting in a chair built perfectly for him. “You know nothing about this place and how it changes you, physically and mentally. While it can be marvelous and magical, it can also be deadly and devious. The architects of this dangerous paradise had a dark sense of humor, whoever they were. To make matters worse, the current monarchy are godlike children who are capricious and cruel. My great-grandfather used to say about Veteris, ‘You can make waves; just be careful who you get wet.’ He was right. It used to be you only had to worry about running afoul of the Children of Veteris. Now you must worry about offending the monarchy as well.”

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