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Earth I

Veteris Gift:

Extreme speed, affinity with animals, ability to mimic animal traits, empath abilities that allow her to sense and affect others emotions

Veteris Curse:

Lost ability to make any sound and can only communicate through empathic expressions or telepathically if other being has telepathic ability


Kaylee was born on Earth and has an older brother Derek and triplet siblings Ayla and Joshua. Both parents died in a tragic accident when she was 7. She is a freshman in high school and is a star track athlete. When she isn't running or spending time with friends, she spends her free time exploring nature on her uncle's estate playing with animals. She always speaks softly and most have trouble hearing her talk

Isn’t there anyone who can help us? she screamed into the void. A brief chittering sounded behind her in answer. She spun but saw nothing, so she closed her eyes and used her Gift to find what she couldn’t see. The desert was full of life begetting death, with sparks of life fading out around her unendingly. She focused on the living and found the dunes were teeming with it. She had trouble communicating with any individual until she realized she was dealing with a hive, like ants. Most insects she had encountered were mindless creatures with a narrow focus, but these were more complex. They shared a hive mind but had individual emotions and desires, so she called to them.

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