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Earth I

Veteris Gift:

Size increased to 10 feet tall, extraordinary strength, exceptional athleticism and rapid self-healing

Veteris Curse:

Easily angered and unable to control actions once provoked even against allies


Joshua was born on Earth and has and older brother Derek and triplet siblings Ayla and Kaylee. Both parents died in a tragic accident when he was 7. He is a freshman in high school and is a multi-sport star athlete. A bit of a loner who keeps to himself, though his star athlete persona makes him well known and popular, something he shies away from. Hates bullies and often sticks up for those being bullied. His temper gets him in trouble often and only his uncle's status has kept him from being expelled from school.

Joshua climbed the ship, his hands tearing into the wood as he made progress. With no hint of stealth, he ran across the deck, jumping onto the center mast. As soon as he reached his perch, projectiles flew his way, dozens striking true. Though many bounced off, when the first one sank deep, Joshua felt himself lose control. He reared back, striking the mast with his massive fist and he felt a satisfying crack. The mast split and folded in half, the crow’s nest racing towards the deck. As more arrows found their mark, Joshua jumped onto the falling mast, helping to drive it into the deck.

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