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Veteris Gift:

Veteris Curse:





Earth I

Psychic powers including genius intellect, photographic memory, telekinesis, telepathy, mind reading and generating force fields

Concentrating on any task or thought for an extended period of time causes his mind to wander and he goes into a waking coma

Derek was born on Earth and has triplet siblings Ayla, Kaylee & Joshua. Both parents died in a tragic accident when he was 10. He is a senior in high school and he has the top grades in his class, though his social skills and tendency to daydream have not made him very popular. He is a voracious reader and feels it is his responsibility to raise his siblings in his parent's absence.

With the arrow anchoring him to the ship, Derek was pulled out of the lifeboat, leaving his feet dangling in the air. He screamed, the skin and muscles of his shoulder tearing, the full weight of his body pulling down on the arrow's shaft. He grabbed the arrow, but it was slick with blood, and he couldn’t hold on. The lifeboat beneath his feet slowly floated away as the rope tethering it to the ship ripped in two. He hung there for a moment and locked eyes with Tabitha, but hers were lifeless, and blood was pouring from her mouth. He couldn’t save Ayla. He couldn’t save Joshua. He couldn’t save Tabitha. It wasn’t Blake who was useless; it was him. He had just enough time to take a shallow breath before the arrow snapped and he plunged into the water.

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