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Veteris Gift:

Veteris Curse:

Earth I

Affinity with water, able to swim exceedingly fast, can control  and manipulate water, can absorb a vast quantity of water and use it as a weapon, has minor shape shifting ability and can produce a powerful, destructive scream

Is unable to stay out of water for longer than a few hours without weakening severely. If she stays out of water for too long, she will die


Ayla was born on Earth and has an older brother Derek and triplet siblings Kaylee and Joshua. Both parents died in a tragic accident when she was 7. She is a freshman in high school and very popular. She is a makeup artist and uses her skill to make money to finance her fashion and to stay popular. She is witty, acerbic and always coming up with new schemes

Ayla took a deep, humid breath and it gave her strength to reach out, dig her hand into the sand and pull. She slid a couple of inches. She followed with her other hand; another few inches gained. Hand over hand she dragged herself down the beach towards the cool, inviting water. Her legs were tingling and slowly starting to respond. When she was within a foot of the water, she reached for a wave racing up the sand. Tendrils of water separated themselves from the wave meeting her halfway, but she pulled her hand away fearfully. The tendrils dropped back into the water and the wave receded into the Lake, out of her reach once again. On the next wave, she reached out with brave determination and just as the water brushed her fingertips, something grabbed her leg, yanking her away. “NOOOO,” Ayla bellowed!

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