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Veteris Gift:


Veteris Curse:



Hrelecks resemble horses but are larger, faster and more agile. While the Hrelecks are not native to Veteris, their origin is unknown as they have roamed the Great Plains for many millennia. They roam the plains in herds and have few natural predators, but their reproductive cycle is measured in years, so they reproduce very slowly and their numbers have remained steady. They are intelligent creatures and it is believed that they were brought to Veteris to work as pack animals, but they rebelled and escaped to the Plains where they have lived ever since.

“Horses,” she mouthed when they came into view. After a closer look, she realized they weren’t horses but a close enough variant she hoped would give them the advantage they needed. They had equine-like heads, mouths stretching from their noses to their elongated ears, and multicolored manes trailing down their necks connecting to their tails, which touched the ground when they slowed to a walk. They had clawed feet instead of hooves, and their legs looked more powerful than a horse’s. They were incredibly agile and could make ninety-degree turns in an instant. They feasted on the long grass with their elongated mouths, taking in whole stalks with single bites. They were beautiful, and she longed to ride one, so she reached out and touched them with her Gift. The heads of the entire herd turned to her in unison, and they began spinning their tails, creating a dust cloud that obscured the herd.

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