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Hive Bugs (aka Butt-Juice Creatures)




Veteris Gift:


Veteris Curse:



Hive Bugs have many tribes that inhabit the deserts of Veteris. The largest Hive is located in the Great Desert. Each tribe consists of hundreds to thousands of individual bugs that share a hive mind and are controlled by a single, superior intelligence. These tribes continually battle for supremacy within the desert, fighting over resources, mainly food. The hives use ingenious traps located at the center of every sand dune that captures prey, sending them through multiple portals until they inevitably fall out of the trap in a state near death where they are consumed and the prey's energy is stored within each individual bug. The bugs can secrete a viscous fluid that can hydrate and also, in some species, enhance Gifts, though it is toxic to most.

Isn’t there anyone who can help us? Kaylee silently screamed into the void. In answer, she heard a chittering sound behind her. She spun around but saw nothing, so she closed her eyes and used her Gift to find the source. She found the desert full of life begetting death as sparks of life went out at an alarming rate. She focused on the life and found the dunes were teeming with it. She had trouble communicating with any individual being, when she realized she was dealing with a hive, like ants. Most insects she had encountered were mindless creatures with a narrow focus, but these were more complex. They shared a hive mind, but they had individual emotions and desires, which came through loud and clear, so she called out to them.


Behind her, the sand parted, and a stream of nightmarish creatures emerged. The insect-like creatures blended in with the sand, had a hard, jagged carapace with large pincers on both ends, and six multi-jointed legs.

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