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GL 13

Veteris Gift:

Enhanced communication skills, including ability to communicate with land based life

Veteris Curse:

Natural navigation skills are dulled and cause Graygorian to get lost easily


Graygorian comes from a planet that is 90% water and where all of the intelligent life is located in the vast oceans. Collasumi are the most intelligent, though they are not the largest nor are they at the top of the food chain. Graygorian is a natural communicator and comes from a family with a history of leadership. He is brash, and short sighted at the young age of 50, but when he matures at 75 and goes home, and if he purports himself well on Veteris, he is expected to be a leader with the potential for higher office.

“But the Queen figured out a way to stay. These Children of Veteris he mentioned are beyond powerful. Graygorian told me that they make friends with visitors occasionally, so if we please them, they may do something nice for us. Of course, he also said they could just as easily kill us, but I think I’m willing to take the risk.”

“Wait, who is Graygorian?”

As if on cue, Ayla’s new friend breached the water, letting loose a loud, odd-sounding bark. Ayla barked back, falling to the ground laughing. “He is so damn funny.”

“You were speaking to it?”

“It’s a he, and his family are from a planet called…well, I can’t pronounce it. As it is, I had to shorten his real name, which I can’t say either. He’s like us; his planet just happens to be mostly water, and his portal is in the lake.”

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