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Aurora's Pet





Veteris Gift:

Veteris Curse:








This creature was made by Aurora, one of the Children of Veteris. As a youngling, each Child of Veteris is encouraged to create a companion or guardian. Children of Veteris' pets often are horrendous looking creatures, though they aren't necessarily monsters. It all depends on the Child. However, as you would expect from a child, their artistic creations can be interesting looking. Aurora's pet was taken by the Queen, Leslie, and used to guard Earth's portal from anyone who was unlucky enough to visit Veteris using the Earth I portal.

“We need to get out of here,” Kaylee said, her voice disappearing in the avalanche of sound. “I don’t know what it is, but it thinks we’re food, and it’s coming to eat us. There it is. Oh my GOD!” A chill rushed over her, and her knees wobbled, pure will the only thing keeping her on her feet. Crashing through the trees was an obscene-looking beast with six legs dragging a thick, spiked tail, its body covered in a scabrous exoskeleton. Where its head should be was a hump with hundreds of eyes twisting back and forth. Below the eyes, rows of teeth filled a powerful jaw at the end of a thick, armored neck. Without stopping, the creature raised itself onto two legs, letting go of an ear-piercing roar. Its hooflike limbs opened, and six clawed fingers unfurled from each.

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