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Veteris Gift:

Veteris Curse:




Biological age is 15, Veterian age is 100

Earth I

Yasmine’s gift is the ability to turn into a terrifying creatue resembling a mythical dragon on Earth. Her fearful presence induces fear in all but the bravest of creatures. Her thoughts are impenetrable by mind readers and she can see what other can't. She developed the ability to utilize the tremendous strength and stealth she posseses in dragon form when she is human, turning her into a deadly spy for the crown.

Yasmine’s curse is her extreme shyness and meekness when confronted with authority. She is unable to deny those in power and will do as she is told, making her into a servant to the ruler of Veteris. This has made her an unwilling tool of the Queen, though she has been able to keep her curse a secret for the past century.

Yasmine was born on Earth in 1935. She was an good student and always did as she was told. She is incredibly shy and never stood up for herself. She retreated into books, preferring to read rather than be around her peers. Her favorite book was the Hobbit and her favorite character was Smaug.

Yasmine flew through the grand opening, wings tucked by her side, the prisoner clutched in her talons. She dropped the prisoner into the pond before spreading her wings and halting her flight mid-air, twirling as she fell, transforming into her human form, landing softly on her feet next to the bench. Yasmine sat down, avoiding her eyes, and not saying a word. She frustrated the Queen with her theatrics and silent demeanor. Getting a word out of her, except when she was in Court and the Queen’s subjects were around, was excruciating. She couldn’t read Yasmine’s mind—nor could Harry —so she never knew what she was thinking.

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