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Hydora's  6th Moon




16 Hydorian Days


Hydora IV

Veteris Gift:

Telepathy, increased speed (due to the nature of Celerians and the speed at which they do everything, almost every Celerian is faster on Veteris)

Veteris Curse:

Extreme body odor that repels most aquatic creatures


Groog is from one of the water moons of the planet Hydora. His family has controlled the Hydora IV portal to Veteris for thousands of years. Groog is the fasted Celerian in his generation, but he is lazy and rebellious and often fails to follow many of the fastidious traditions, particularly with regards to food and hygiene. His species is known for their quick lives and the speed at which they accomplish everything. Speed is treasured in his society and the faster a Celerian is, the more status and notoriety they gain. 

Kaylee will meet her soon, from what the waves tell me,” Groog said. His ominous warning made Kaylee’s blood run cold. She instantly felt like she was being watched. The feeling was fleeting, but it was there, like someone looking over her shoulder. She caught a chill though she was standing in warm water with the sun shining down upon her. Groog swam forward in an instant, reaching out an appendage to take her hand. He felt like warm, soft water: fluid, yet solid, like watery gelatin. “Shall I escort you to the dry part,” Groog said, concern emanating from him.

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